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Pacifica works to create places that people will want to be.

From urban settings to rural landscapes, we are connected to and affected by our environment. Pacifica harnesses this understanding into our approach and takes into consideration the physical surroundings of each site to provide cost effective, efficient, and sustainable design, while remaining mindful of the life-cycle cost, project schedule, community impact, operations and maintenance, and economic feasibility of the project.

From project conception to completion, Pacifica has a demonstrated ability to develop and manage complex design projects that provide innovative solutions that positively impact the community.

Pacifica is committed to providing the highest quality interdisciplinary design services:

• Area, Specific, and Master Plans
• Feasibility Studies
• Preliminary Layouts
• Final Design
• Sustainability Planning
• Land Use Plans
• Site Selection
• Parking Management Plans

Pacifica has a rich history of design expertise that is exemplified through our experience in serving as the Regional Design Liaison for the Los Angeles Community College District and serving as the Senior Project Manager/Lead Designer responsible for developing the Master Plan for Los Angeles Unified School District.
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