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Pacifica builds vibrant healthcare facilities that give life-enhancing care to patients and an optimum environment for healthcare workers to function at their best. Through utilization of various project delivery methods, our buildings are intelligently designed, collaboratively inspired and intuitively user-friendly.

Over the years, Pacifica has grown and cultivated a sophisticated team of individuals that deliver powerful results to clients. With our team’s experience in building thriving healthcare environments, we have created solutions that meet the needs of federal, state, and local agencies, healthcare user groups, contractors, and other clients.

Pacifica also has a strong track record of delivering projects on time, proactively managing costs, and ensuring full compliance with new healthcare requirements. We further maximize project success by using current best management practices and maintaining patient, staff, and community safety from project inception to completion.

Pacifica’s proven track record includes the successful completion of the $818 million Los Angeles County and USC Medical/Outpatient Center. As a result, our team was later recognized with the Healthcare Outstanding Project Management Award. As part of the construction management team, Pacifica provided multiple services which included, but are not limited to, project management, design management, and OSHPD reporting.

Pacifica embraces partnerships in the healthcare field that enhance the well-being of our communities. With our rapidly aging population, there is a great need to build modern facilities that inspire and house advances in healthcare technology, cutting-edge wellness programs, and high-capacity preventive care. In partnerships with our clients, Pacifica is leading the way in creating advanced healthcare facilities that positively impact and sustain communities.
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