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Genomics Building

This dynamic facility advances the research of UCR’s Institute of Integrative Genome Biology and as such, houses more than 200 faculty, researchers, and graduate and post-doctoral students.  The Genomics Building includes a bioinformatics suite, research laboratories, instrumentation facilities, insectaries and growth chambers, and supports the development of medicinal plants, stress-resistant crops, and disease-resistant animals.  The facility also includes a 100-seat auditorium for lectures, campus events, and national conferences.

Serving as the project manager on this 64,000 square foot facility, Pacifica was brought on at approximately 20 percent of project completion and continued to provide its oversight and project management services until furniture delivery and building occupancy.

Project management responsibilities included contractor negotiations, the review and oversight of payment applications and progress payments, schedules, RFI submittals, change orders, and the performance of other construction management activities, such as field engineering and site visits. Pacifica developed and maintained ongoing collaborative partnerships with the client, architects, and other pertinent stakeholders. Pacifica facilitated weekly meetings with the project team, contractor, and client representatives to ensure the project was on schedule, within budget, and was representative of the client’s vision and expectations.

Arts Building Restoration

The 55,150 square foot facility serves as a physical and symbolic gateway between the community and the UCR campus and is home to the dance, music, theatre, art history, and studio art apartments. Designed with stucco, brick, glass, and steel structure, with angular features, ramps, and stairs, the building houses dance studios, music rehearsal and screening rooms, performance spaces, a photographic and film shooting studio, painting and sculpture studios, computer laboratories, and an arts library.

Following a basement flood, Pacifica provided construction and project management services to assist in the restoration of the Arts Building to its original condition. Water damage restoration activities were performed for the basement and portions of the building that included the dance studio, the library, and the dark room.

Pacifica provided construction oversight and project management services for the replacement of portable air handlers, cooling towers, generators, sound insulation, fire protection on beams, painting, etc. Restorations were performed to replace damaged flooring for the dance studio, sound board for the studio, and replacement of flooring, carpets, walls and drywalls, etc. Pacifica provided oversight over the demolition and redesign of the existing HVAC and erected a new system in the basement by assembling multiple components.

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