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Since 1997, Pacifica Services Inc. has collaboratively worked with the Los Angeles Unified School District’s (LAUSD) overall building program valued at $27 billion to positively transform its vast and intricate learning environments. Prior to this partnership, LAUSD faced challenges from overcrowding, an aging infrastructure, and consistently rising energy costs in many of its schools and facilities.

With its proven expertise in the areas of Program Management, Project Management, Executive Administrative Support, and Design and Engineering Management, Pacifica was selected to design and implement smart, expansive, and sustainable solutions for LAUSD. Pacifica was also chosen for its demonstrated high proficiency in the field of Project Controls Management, Post Construction, and Procurement.

With a budget of $13.5 Billion provided by state and local bond measures, Pacifica Services Inc. became a prominent partner in the largest school construction program for K-12 in the United States. Pacifica’s role in strategically modernizing LAUSD created new and enhanced learning environments such as schools, libraries, auditoriums, gymnasiums, and other facilities. Most importantly it alleviated school overcrowding with the help of multi-year capital improvement projects. As a result, entire communities now benefit from neighborhood schools operating on a traditional two semester academic calendar.

To reduce the cost of advancing its aging I.T. infrastructure, Pacifica Services Inc. engaged in maximizing LAUSD’s receipt of E-Rate discounts. Pacifica’s ongoing management of this program continues to benefit and exceed LAUSD’s I.T. strategic goals, initiatives, and educational mission.

With its massive size and increasing use of energy from finite resources, LAUSD faced challenges with containing the costs of its energy needs. In close collaboration with LAUSD, Pacifica provided construction management along with other services to complete strategically placed photovoltaic projects that maximized renewable energy generation. These projects are a boon to the District as they provide utility and energy cost savings, while being kind to our environment.

The cumulative and powerful results Pacifica has achieved over the years has transcended the minimum goals and expectations of LAUSD. With over 288 projects and 3,765 classrooms completed so far, LAUSD’s ongoing partnership with Pacifica has created learning environments that breathe with spaciousness, conscientious design and high return on investment.

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