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Pacifica partners with diverse clients to build thriving environments that seamlessly interface with new and emerging technologies, optimize everyday living, and allow communities to flourish. Pacifica achieves this by creating modern facilities, updating aging infrastructure, and bringing renewable energy solutions that positively transform lives.

As our world continues to make innovative advances in technology that bring new improvements to our neighborhoods, facilities and infrastructure must be prepared to fully harness its full benefits. Pacifica has worked with clients to meet the needs of rising technology use and dependence. Through multi-billion dollar bond programs, Pacifica has provided communities with new facilities ranging from a modern Child Development Center that creates work/life balance and resources, to new Math and Science Buildings that provide next-generation tools to help students excel and prepare for the future.

Apart from our vast experience in the development, expansion, and modernization of new and existing facilities, Pacifica has also managed major infrastructure projects. This includes our work with the Central Basin Municipal Water District and Upper San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District, such as the South East Reliability Project and the City of Industry Phase II Packages 2 through 4 projects. Both projects expanded the use of recyclable and renewable water by installing additional purple piping spanning over a dozen miles and several cities.

Whether it is building modern facilities for growing communities or updating aging infrastructure by providing renewable solutions, Pacifica’s wide-range of Construction and Project Services, along with our proven experience, provides our clients with cost-effective solutions. Due to Pacifica’s expertise in these areas and experience in fully understanding client needs, complex construction issues are transformed into opportunities to innovate and adapt in new and beautiful ways.
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